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If you want to be famous on Instagram and grow your followers on it then it’s not a big deal. Nowadays social media platforms are very easy and fast in griping new users on it by using third-party applications like Top Follow.

You can increase real-time followers on your account in a very few days. They will like your posts and also comment on them. You can do everything in one click by using the Top Follow APK.

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What is Top Follow Apk?

Nowadays everyone wants some kind of identity on the internet. And Instagram is one of the best platforms for this. You can gain unlimited Instagram followers, likes, comments, and views on your posts using the top follow app. This APK is totally free for users.

This app is coin-based. You can earn coins using the app and you can also buy the coins on top follow if you want to gain millions of followers on your Instagram account in a short period of time.With these followers, you become an authority and social media influencer. Instagram followers can help you to gain the trust of different brands and Top Follow is a very quick method to increase followers and one of the best, easy and simple-to-use app.

Top Follow Apk PromoCode?

If you want free bonus coins which can be up to 450+ then use the Promo Code B0Q8II4MQ4 and receive free coins In your account. This promo code is all about luck. Keep in mind it might work for some and not work for some people.

If you are lucky then you can get up to 450+ to 500+ coins free of cost. You can use these coins to buy your followers, likes, comments, and Instagram views.

Details and Requirements

APP NameTop Follow
VersionV 5.4.0
Package NameFree
File TypeAPP
Scan ReportNo Malware Detected
Promo CodeB0Q8II4MQ4
File Size15 MB
Last UpdatdToday
4.7/5 – (4724 votes)

Download: For Iphone

Best Features of Top Follow APK

I will tell you about some of the best features of the Top Follow application. Here are some easy and useful features.

Free Instagram Followers

This app is one of the best for providing real-time Instagram followers free of cost. You will be happy to see the number of followers on your Instagram that you can get free with the help of this application. This app is very easy to use.

Instagram like and Comments

With the help of this app you can like, and comment on your posts and it will boost the posts to other people for you as well. This application is an auto-linker that can increase your posts values in your friend list. You can comment on Instagram using this application as well. In simple words, this app is an all-time favorite for users.

Instagram Views

If you want to increase Instagram views Top Follow is the one for you. This app is free and useful.

Collect Coins

You can collect free coins that you can use to buy followers and likes. There are two methods with which you can claim free coins. Create your temporary Instagram account to perform the tasks. Then collect the coins. If you want to use the coins for buying followers, likes or comments for your profile.

You can follow and like others and gather the free coins. If you invite your friends to use the app through referral codes you will get free coins

Many Languages Supported

In this application, the most popular Language is already installed. The Good part is the app supports multiple languages for users so everyone can understand this app in their local languages. This is the reason why most people are using this top-following APK.

Add Multiple Accounts

You can use multiple accounts without facing any issues. This app allows users to handle the accounts at the same time. The application is very user-friendly and you can add many different Instagram accounts and use them all together at the same time without any issue.

Fully Safe App

Yes, This app is fully 100% safe for users. It’s passed all the tests for the security of your device and the app is pure virus free software. The most interesting part is Top Follows is a 3rd party app and it is secure.

Lightweight Application

This application is very lightweight for every device. After installing this app You will never find any storage issues in your device. It is a very lightweight APK for users and we can use this without facing any types of problems in our phones or other devices

How to Download Top Follow APK for Android?

First, search for the app on your trusted app stores and secure source and click the download button or download this APK file on your devices through our website.

How to Install Top Follow Apk Latest Version?

After downloading the APK file on your devices click on the installation button on the file.

If the app doesn’t install on your device. Then don’t worry about this. It’s not a big deal to go to Settings>Security> Install Unknown and allow the 3rd party APK. Here we go. The Top Follow app is on your device and is ready to use.


How To Get instagram followers With TopFollow?

First, open the downloaded APK and sign in with your Instagram account.

Enter the username and password and remember to always log in with a temporary insta account. Click on the login button.

Welcome to the application dashboard.

If you remember I already told you this app is coin-based, and if you want Instagram followers then do some tasks and collect free coins.

You just click on the start button, and collect coins automatically.

  • You need to click on the 3 dots which are shown on the upper right corner of the application. You would just have to open the menu history and click on the free coins menu and you will get some free coins as a first bonus.
  • After that, you come to this page and click the code option.
  • Use this promo code B0Q8II4MQ4 and click on the send button.
  • After that, you will get 500+ coins free as a bonus without doing any task. The free coins number is not fixed depending on your luck. Sometimes it’s more than 500 and sometimes it’s the opposite.
  • When you collect handsome numbers of coins. Then go to Followers option of the appand choose the main Instagram account. Where you want to convert coins into followers.
  • After that, you can collect real-time followers in exchange for coins.
  • You can click the get button and see the magic.
  • When you click on the button and Boom now check your main Instagram account.

 Top Follow Old Version

Generate your income through Top Follow App

Yes, it’s 100% true you can make money using this app. Don’t worry, I will tell you how it’s possible. When you collect 1000000 coins by doing tasks, you can sell followers, comments, and other services if you want to provide services to users. And you can generate income through selling your services. For window


The installation process is the same for every apk version. In these apps just different features like in the original version you have to do tasks for coins then you increase free instagram followers in your account.

After the installation you will see some premium features. These features are not available in the free version.These may include but are not limited to: instagram auto liker, instagram auto followers, comment for instagram, instagram views and most important part is ads free interface.

That is the reason why users like this mod version of the apk, you can gain followers without wasting time and also get unlimited coins as well in the modified version.

What is Top Follow mod APK?

Above in the article, we deeply discussed the simple Top Follow app. What is it, how does it work? Let’s now introduce an even more powerful tool to increase Instagram followers in a very few days.

The Top Follow Mod APK. It is a modified version of the original app. The mod version offers some premium features such as unlimited coins, Instagram followers, likes, comments and Instagram views as well. These features are not available in the simple Top Follow app.


Top Follow Mod APK offers some mind-blowing and powerful features that allow users to boost social media authority in their friend circle. We will tell you the mod features of the app.


Top follow users can generate unlimited coins and they can buy followers by using these coins on multiple social media platforms that accept these coins. The most important part is that they’ll be able to boost their profile very quickly using these unlimited coins.


This modified app allows the user to use new auto-like and auto-follow features. With this, they can automatically follow and like other users on social platforms. The modified new feature saves time and effort by auto-replicating the tasks. Now you only have to focus on putting quality content on your accounts to engage users.


With this top follow mod APK you can quickly increase likes, followers, views and comments on social profiles. This modified app is speed-optimized for high-speed performance so you can achieve your goals by using this app in a very short time.


The installation process is the same for every APK version. In these apps, you will get some different features as compared to the original version. In the original version you have to do tasks for coins then by using those coins you increase free Instagram followers on your account.

After the installation, you will see some premium features. These features are not available in the free version. These may include unlimited: Instagram auto liker, Instagram auto followers, comments for Instagram, Instagram views and most importantly part is ads free interface.

That is the reason why users like this mod version of the APK, you can gain followers without wasting time and also get unlimited coins as well in the modified version


Yes, every app has some pros and cons and top followers also have pros and cons. So it’s better to know about this APK before downloading the app on your mobile.

Firstly I will tell you some pros and then will guide you to the cons.


Easy to use

it’s a very simple app and has a user-friendly interface. Even 10th-class students can use it very easily.

Hashtags for free

You can use free hashtags if you want more people to engage with your Instagram posts. Top Follow provides a free hashtag tool for users to increase their visibility to people who follow them.

Fast Services

 This app provides traffic on your Instagram profile in very few days. That’s the reason why users like this app because it provides fast service to users.


I will tell you in easy words, lessen carefully top follow is 3rd party app.

This app is not available on Google Play Store.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, everyone can use this APK 100% free of cost. it’s safe for use when you download from a secure source.

During the login when you enter the wrong details of the Instagram account. You have to put in an accurate username and password. Still, it’s not working? Then clear all cache and reseat the app data.

You can earn coins to follow others via this app and you then use these collected coins to gain Instagram free followers, auto likes, and Instagram views as well.

In simple words and one-word answers in NO Top follow APK in Ads free.


Top Follow is one of the best apps for Instagram followers, Instagram likes, comments and Instagram views that can provide these all features to users

It’s very tough competition to choose which is the best platform for us.

This app has a coins-based system and is very awesome for users. Everyone can grow their organic followers and become an authority in their friends list.

Nowadays the application we have discussed is very popular because it is free of cost to the users. It matches the user’s intent to provide the best solution which people want.

In this article, we described the Top follow mod APK and how you can use this modified version for Insta likes, Insta follow and Insta comments. Mod features of the app are very helpful more than the free version.